Instructor: Jarrett Byrnes, PhD.


Weekly Schedule: Tuesday & Thursday 11-12:30, Lab Thursday 12:30-3

Office Hours: Prof. Byrnes will hold office hours Tuesday from 1:30-3 and Wednesday 11-12:30.

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Course News:

11/2/2016 A Bayesian election forecast with STAN in R

10/27/2016 Midterm exam is out

9/19/16 Hadley Wickham special session on quora

9/16/16 For a one-stop-shop for the tidyverse, there’s now a package that will load it all.

9/8/16 New issue of The R Journal

9/7/16 Check out Interview with a Data Sucker

9/6/16 Sticky notes are available at the bookstore in Desk Supplies section. Walk in, and go straight to the back.

9/5/16 Welcome to the class! Please browse around the site or download the syllabus!